The Mother Cabrini Shrine

Why You Should Visit The Mother Cabrini Shrine

If you are traveling into the Golden, Colorado area, you may want to consider visiting the Mother Cabrini shrine. It is a place that has a rich history that is intertwined with the surrounding area. It is located at the base of Lookout Mountain, a destination that is revered by people of the Catholic faith. It has to do with the story of sisters, specifically one of them that was able to produce water from the ground as if by God’s intervention. Here is an overview of this shrine and why you should visit.

History Of The Shrine

This shrine was originally established back in the early 1900s. There were Italian workers that were coming into this area. Some of them were able to get property at that time. After they purchased a piece of property, it was used as a summer camp, primarily for an orphanage. A farming operation was set up on that campsite, and they were able to take care of dairy cows, poultry, and other farming operations. During the summer, when it was exceptionally hot, they needed more water. This is where the story gets very interesting. Mother Cabrini was asked by the sisters about not having enough water. She told them to dig in a specific location after lifting a rock. Once they dug there, they were able to fill an 8000 gallon tank of water, and since that time, the water continues to flow.

The Stone House

There is a stone house there that was originally designed for the girls of the orphanage. It is still there today. It was a type of dormitory, and girls were able to help build it, using a card drawn by a donkey that would bring the stones up. There was a nearby quarry, and the construction of the house started in 1912. Over the course of two years, it was finally completed, and was used by the Queen of Heaven orphanage.

In modern times, the Colorado Historical Society has provided nearly $140,000 to restore this house which you can see today. It now has an electrical system, windows, and a roof that is modern. It is one of the top attractions for those that visit this area.

If you are traveling into Denver, or if you will be heading over to Golden, this is a great place to stop by on your visit. Regardless of your religious upbringing, it is a place that has a unique story and background that will enhance your overall trip. It is part of the national register of places, and you can also see the Heart of Stones.

There is also the Stairway of Prayer, the Convent, and the iconic and beautiful stained-glass windows. It is recommended that you travel during the spring and summer so that you can also enjoy hiking or kayaking while you are there. It’s a great place to visit, a place that is filled with stories of the miraculous, and you will likely enjoy your time visiting the Mother Cabrini Shrine. If enjoy minerals and rocks The Mines Museum of Earth Science is the perfect place to visit.

The Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, CO

20189 Cabrini Blvd, Golden, CO 80401, United States