The Mines Museum of Earth Science

Why You Should Visit The Mines Museum of Earth Science

As you travel to Golden, Colorado, you may come across a place called the Mines Museum of Earth Science. It has very unique displays that you can see. For example, when the Apollo 17 mission return from the moon, moon rocks were collected and are on display at this destination. There are also several rocks that are there because of Arthur Lakes. There is a state mineral collection that started back in the 1890s by the Bureau of mines. There are literally 30,000 people that visit this destination every year. Here is an overview of why you should consider stopping by.

An Overview Of This Location

There are several unique aspects of this destination that may attract you. It has a total of 15,000 ft.² of interesting fossils, minerals and rocks. If you have ever been interested in the earth related sciences, you will likely spend hours there looking at everything they have. As you cross the threshold into this building, you will get to see hundreds of gemstones and several diamonds. You will get to learn about the geologic past of this unique and dynamic area of Colorado. There are also Irwin Hoffman mining murals that you can see.

How Many Of These Items Are On Display

Although you will be able to see more than 2500 items, they have nearly 60,000 that are in their possession. In order to attract more people, they are constantly rotating their exhibits, which means you will always see something new. If you have friends or family members with you, and you participate in a scavenger hunt, you may earn a free rock or mineral for your efforts. Their mission is to help people develop a definitive appreciation for the environment, natural energy sources, and the earth itself. They do this by allowing people to explore and engage with the items on display and learn more about their origins and purpose. Their vision is to become one of the leaders in Earth science related to education and exhibitions, connecting the public to this unique world of geology.

When Should You Visit This Location?

Visiting during the spring, summer and fall is likely the best time to go. Although it is indoors, traveling in this area of Colorado can be somewhat treacherous during the wintertime months. Traveling during the spring and summer will afford you the ability to go hiking in experience nature in its natural habitat. That’s why going to this location may be beneficial as they may have recommendations for places that you can hike with friends and family. Traveling during the fall will also allow you to experience the changing of seasons, helping you to truly appreciate the natural surroundings, all of which are connected to the minerals that are on display.

The Mines Museum of Earth Science is a great place to go if you have kids, or if you have a definitive interest in geology in your life. The exhibits that constantly rotate will show you outstanding examples of minerals, gemstones, and even diamonds. Throughout the 15,000 square foot facility, you should have no problem learning about Earth science while you are there. You can also spend time hiking on the Bob Weimer Trail, and also visit the authentic triceratops track ways. To find out more about this outstanding destination, visit their website or give them a call today. For an amazing view you should visit Lookout Mountain Park.

The Mines Museum of Earth Science in Golden, CO

1310 Maple St, Golden, CO 80401, United States