Water Damage Restoration in Lakewood, Colorado

We provide water damage, fire, and storm damage restoration services, among others, in Lakewood, Colorado and surrounding areas. 

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Water Damage Cleanup

When water damage occurs, it is necessary to evaluate the amount of loss. As with any loss we recommend contacting your insurance agent right away. The water damage restoration process usually includes water removal, drying, demolition of the affected areas, mold treatment, and renovation.

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Storm Damage Cleanup & Repair

Call today if your home has been damaged by falling trees, heavy winds, or a flood. We’ll remove any debris, sanitizing when necessary, and then repair the damage. No matter the cause of damage, whether it be water, wind, fire, hail, or snow, we have the skills to fix your problem.

mold removal

Mold Removal

If there are signs of mold the first step is to determine the extent of mold damage so that we can provide a clear remediation approach. Once confirmed that mold is present, we will contain the area, install air filters, remove the mold and affected materials, clean the containment, and restore your finishes.

fire damage repair

Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

How do you remediate fire damage? It depends on the extent of damage caused by smoke, the fire itself, and any chemicals used to contain the fire is what will determine the type and the cost of restoration.

Lakewood’s Leading Water Damage Restoration Experts

We Repair Water Damage provides superior and reliable water damage cleanup and restoration services to Lakewood, CO and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a home or business that has endured an unfortunate event, our expert team is ready to help.

We offer 24/7 emergency services because we understand that nobody can predict such an unfortunate circumstance. However, we do encourage you to call us right away at (720) 679-9801 if you have experienced a situation that calls for water damage cleanup and repair, storm damage cleanup and repair, fire damage cleaup and repair, mold removal, or sewage cleanup services. 

Our team is standing by and ready to help! Just pick up the phone and call us or use our short form below to reach out and we will be in touch.

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