Lookout Mountain Park

If you are traveling through Golden, Colorado, you will likely come close to Lookout Mountain Park. It can provide you with incredible scenery, especially when the sky is clear, of the beautiful nearby Rocky Mountains. Situated at over 7300 feet, it is under 2 miles from downtown Golden. Known for its exceptional scenery, it is a place that people travel to year after year just to experience what the Ute tribe called home for hundreds of years. If you will be traveling to Denver, or any of the surrounding suburbs, here is why you should visit Lookout Mountain Park.

Why You Should Go To This Destination

If you have not been here before, you will be astounded at the scenery once you arrive. It is known for not just the beautiful vistas, but the history behind the gravesite that you will see at this destination. Buffalo Bill Cody is a well-known individual in American history, and it was his wish to be buried at this location. Along with this gravesite, and all of the unique structures that are there, you will see why many people recommend visiting Lookout Mountain Park.

Things You Can Do Once You Arrive

Back in the early 1900s, a national scenic byway was set up called Lariat Loop. It goes up Golden, steeply on the east side of the lookout, allowing you to go directly up Mount Zion. It was built with switchbacks, totaling nearly 5 miles, consisting of well over 50 different curves. You will ascend a total of 2000 feet from the gravesite of Buffalo Bill, and there are pylons that you will see at the base. It is a place where many people go hunting, as there are hunting retreats that have been set up, and you can also see the Boettcher Mansion.

What Time Of Year Should You Visit?

As with any location that is at a higher elevation, since you will be above 7000 feet, traveling during the late spring through early fall would be the best time to go. It is also a time where you may get to participate in special events that are often scheduled at this location. There is a nature center that is there which can help you understand more about the surrounding ecology, perfect for both kids and adults. Interactive exhibits are there, displaying the fauna and flora that is part of this ecosystem, and is often utilized by schools or groups of people. That’s why traveling during the warmer parts of the year is highly recommended so that you can experience the natural surroundings.

If traveling into the higher elevations of Colorado is something you want to do, you can’t go wrong by visiting Lookout Mountain Park. Once you are there, you can see the grave of Buffalo Bill, the nature center, the Boettcher Mansion, and the beautiful scenic vistas all around. You may consider spending some time in Golden or Denver because it is only a short drive away. It is a unique destination, one that can literally summarize the beauty of the Rocky Mountains all from this one unique and conveniently located location. For some more information on the area visit the Golden Visitors Center.

Lookout Mountain Park in Golden, CO

987 Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, United States