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Colorado is known for many things. The clear and clean air, the great winter sports, and exceptional cultural attractions in cities such as Denver and Boulder. But in recent years the state has also built a great reputation for breweries that serve up some of the best beers in the United States. One brewery that has been attracting a huge amount of attention is the Green Mountain Beer Company. This brewery specializes in great beers made in the European style – with a generous helping of American flair and attention to the fine art of brewing – and providing those who love craft beer with an exceptional experience.

Visiting the brewery in Lakewood is a treat not only for the beers that are available – but also for the ambiance of the taproom and the beer garden. The taproom is worthy of special mention. When the group of friends who started the brewery in 2016 was searching for the ideal location they stumbled across the ideal building materials to give their space a unique feel. The bar top and tables are all built from repurposed 1950’s era bowling lanes at sourced from the iconic Golden Bowl.

The results a venue that is welcoming, relaxed, and at the same time utterly unique. It’snot only perfect for enjoying beer and great food – but also as a place to gather with some friends or family to enjoy the Big Game. The brewery is also situated close to some great eating destinations – so it’s the perfect meeting place to enjoy a few beers before going out for a meal. There’s also free wi-fi – and dogs are welcome on the patio. A carryout menu is also available – as is some fabulous merchandise – including the impressive 64 oz glass Growlers with the company logo.

The selection of beers is extremely impressive. there is something for everyone. those in the know are quick to mention the ‘Belgian Lemongrass Blonde Ale’, the abbey-style ‘Quadrupel Ale Draft’ and the fruit-forward ‘Kama Citra IPA Draft’. For the health-conscious, there are gluten-free options available as well. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Green Mountain Beer Company Facebook page as they release new products on a regular basis – one of the latest stars in the lineup is the ‘Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Quadrupel Ale’.

However, for those who want to explore further – the hard seltzers are worth a second look, including the Pomegranate variety and the Blueberry offering. But it’s not only about the beers and other drinkable offerings – an undoubted attraction for those who are visiting the brewery are the food trucks which appear on a rotating schedule (that is available on the brewery website). everything from wings, veggie meals, schnitzel, and regional specialties makes an appearance.

In short, this is a great brewery staffed by people who know their beer and are committed to showing their love for their favorite tipple to visitors. It is simply a fun place to sit back and relax. Why You Should Visit Bear Creek Lake Park? They are often thinking about white-water rapids, hiking, or fishing.

Green Mountain Beer Company in Lakewood, CO

2585 S Lewis Way #110, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States