Golden City Brewery

Reasons To Check Out The Golden City Brewery

If you find yourself in and around the Golden, CO area, you may want to schedule yourself a trip to the Golden City Brewery. There are plenty of reasons to consider checking the brewery out. In this article, we will be going over a few of them.

1. The Beer

This one should be obvious. After all, you are heading to a brewing company. Golden City Brewing is well known for having some of the best beer you will find anywhere. Everyone raves about all of the different types of beers they sell. Whether you are someone who enjoys red ales or different kinds of IPAs, you will be able to find a variety of different options at the brewery. Best of all, you can stop by and have a beer and you can even order a pack of beer or have it delivered. Therefore, you will have no shortage of different ways you can enjoy your delicious beers.

2. Open Everyday

You won’t have to worry about stopping by to find out that the brewery is closed. Instead, you will be able to stop by any day you could want. Golden City Brewing is open from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, you will be able to stop by when you have time during your trip and have a great time.

3. Food Trucks

You will be able to stop by and enjoy the food trucks Golden City Brewing company has. You will want to keep tabs on the food truck because the location could change at a moment’s notice. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are looking at where the food truck is supposed to be before going to the intended location. That way, you don’t end up traveling to the wrong place.

4. Friends

What better than to visit a brewery with friends? This is a great place where you can stop by and hang out with friends old or new. You will be able to create some great moments with a nice cold beer with your loved ones. You can also meet new people at the brewery and have a great time with everyone at the bar.

5. It’s Highly Rated

One of the things that you are likely going to be doing if you are traveling in and around the area is checking out the various review websites. One of the main websites you are likely going to be looking at closely would be Trip Advisor. You would be happy to know that Golden City Brewery is one of the highest-rated places you will be able to visit in Golden. You will find that they are currently 11 out of the top 38 things to do in Golden. Therefore, you are not wasting your time checking it out.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you should be saving some time to visit this brewery. It is a great brewery with fantastic beers and a good all-around atmosphere that you can enjoy. If you like beer you will also like the Coors Brewery Tour.

Golden City Brewery in Golden, CO

920 12th St, Golden, CO 80401, United States