Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

What Does Fire Damage Restoration Involve?

As you are already aware, fire can cause a great deal of destruction if left unchecked. Thousands of homes and businesses across the country are destroyed by fires every year. Regardless of how minor or severe the fire is, some type of damage typically occurs. This damage might be in the type of burnt fixtures and structures or smoke harm to other surrounding items. In other words, fire damage can become very extensive in a short amount of time. In the event you find yourself victim of a fire incident at your residence or business, it is very important that you contact a professional for assistance with fire damage restoration.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration

So, precisely what is professional fire damage restoration? Well, professional fire damage is the process of salvaging, and repairing damage or destruction that resulted from the fire.

The Fire Damage Cleanup Process

1. Assessment

The procedure begins by doing a primary assessment of the damage due to the fire.  One of our professionals go to the scene of the incident and evaluate how extensive the injury for the structure of your residence is. In addition, they check for soot and smoke damage to walls, furniture, and any other surfaces.

2. Salvaging

In many cases, home fires do not destroy everything. Some structures and fixtures are often left intact. In order to mitigate losses, these structures must be salvaged and secured. The building blocks are particularly important in any fire damage restoration process.

3. Cleanup and Repair

The very last element of the fire damage restoration process is cleanup and repair. Soot and smoke need to be eradicated if your home is to be deemed habitable. Also, valuable structures and fixtures need to be repaired as a way to mitigate losses.

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