Colorado Railroad Museum

Reasons To Visit The Colorado Railroad Museum

A trip to Golden, Colorado might be one of the most eventful vacations of your life. It is very common for people to go hiking, fishing, or even kayaking once they arrive. However, there are many tourist destinations in the many cities that you can visit. If you happen to visit areas like Golden, Arvada, or Lakewood, there is a place called the Colorado Railroad Museum. It is a destination where you can learn about the influence of the railroad in Colorado, and also see exquisite displays that will help you understand a little more about this area.

What Will You Find There?

Situated right outside of Golding, this museum is a nonprofit destination. It is spread out over a total of 15 acres, butting up against Clear Creek. It was first established in the 1950s, designed to preserve the railroad era as it was during this time. It was during this time that the railroad was a pioneering factor, leading many people into this region as the Intercontinental railroad was built from coast-to-coast. Essentially, it is a replica of a railroad depot that you would’ve seen in the 1800s. The exhibits that are on display include photographs of pioneers, and other photographs of the world during that time period. Paintings are also on display from well-known artists such as Ted Rose and you will see railroad cars and locomotives that are built to a 1 inch scale. There is also a lower level for this museum, serving as an exhibition hall displaying the history of the railroad in this area.

What Type Of Collections Do They Have?

They have several collections available including a 3 foot narrow gauge rolling stock display that is often used during special events. There is also a representation of a coal burning and steam driven locomotive built in the 1890s. The railroad equipment is displayed outside, and you can see tracks that have three-way stub switches. There is also a century old switch stand and a duel gauge track. On the museum’s roster, you will see a number of different notable pieces that you will also get access to. In addition to this, you will see diesel locomotives, passenger cars, and numerous types of specialty equipment.

When Should You Visit This Museum?

If you want to experience the full museum, without worrying about the weather, traveling during the spring and summer months would be the most appropriate. It is also a good idea to travel during the late summer or early fall. You can truly appreciate the surrounding landscapes as the leaves begin to change. However, if your primary focus is to visit indoor displays of this region’s history, you can do no better than going through this Railroad Museum.

The Colorado Railroad Museum is an outstanding museum that is one of the best in Colorado. You will get to see, learn about, and experience through pictures and machines how the railroad influenced this region. If you are a fan of old-time locomotives, or just pictures from long ago, you will have an exquisite time. It’s one of the best destinations that you can visit, and in just a few hours, learn so much about this area that was heavily influenced by the railroad. You might also enjoy Clear Creek White Water Park.

Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO

17155 W 44th Ave, Golden, CO 80403, United States