Buffalo Bill Museum And Grave

Overview Of The Buffalo Bill Museum And Grave

Traveling to Golden, Colorado will lead you to many unique destinations. One of those is going to be the Buffalo Bill Museum And Grave. Located outside of Denver, past Lake word and near Genesee, you cannot miss this iconic spot. It is a destination that pays tribute to the famous cowboy Buffalo Bill and has many other unique attractions at this destination. If you have wanted to learn more about this icon in history, here is an overview of what you will find if you decide to visit this destination and its exhibits.

What Will You Find There?

There are several permanent exhibits that you can see about the life of Buffalo Bill. There are also temporary exhibits that change with each passing year. Events will depend upon the condition of the economy, and what people believe would be the most interesting aspect of his life to present, all of which will be at this location. What you should know about Buffalo Bill is that he was buried near what is called Lookout Mountain. This occurred back in 1917. There is a grave marker at this location that signifies this icon in American history. This is actually why many people come here to look at Buffalo Bills grave. It was upon his request that he would be buried at this destination. He enjoyed the view of the Rocky Mountains in the Great Plains that can be seen from this spot. The consistent breeze, and the high peaks that extend for miles across the Continental Divide will be obvious in the midst of the ponderosa pines and wildlife that will surround you.

Are There Online Exhibits That You Can See?

It is becoming more common for people to look on their website to see the online exhibits which are typically in the form of imagery in posters. There are also real life photographs that were taken while he was alive, but it’s also the iconic posters that people are looking for as well. In regard to history, they will talk about his childhood which began in LeClair Iowa back in the 1800s. It is from there that he gained his nickname Buffalo Bill. After joining the Pony Express, and after the Civil War, it is then that his fame on stage began to develop.

Buffalo Bill On Stage

Perhaps the most well-known aspect of his life is what he did on stage. This began back in the 1870s. In the city of Chicago, when he was just 26 years old, he created a drama called Scouts of the Prairie. The show was extremely successful, and although there was one credit, it did not destroy the path that this show would take. His performance brought people from all over to see this iconic showman Buffalo Bill which later amalgamated into both him and friends in combination. This would include the other actors Texas Jack and another famous cowboy but the name of Wild Bill Hickok. Although they left, hundreds of shows continued on from that point, leading to Buffalo Bills Wild West which was done in both America and in Britain.

It was in the early 1900s that Buffalo Bill finally died while visiting his sister. She resided in Denver Colorado. It was his wife Louisa that stated that his permanent burial place should be on Lookout Mountain, which is where your tour, if you decide to visit, will take you. You will also see many interesting posters and lots of information about Buffalo Bill at the Museum. It is one of the top attractions in all of Denver, if not Colorado, and is one that you should certainly visit while you are there. For an amazing experience with your family check out The Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Buffalo Bill Museum And Grave in Golden, CO

987 1/2 Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, United States