Broomfield Auditorium

Why Many People Visit The Broomfield Auditorium

Located north of Denver, nearly 26 miles from Littleton, is a destination called the Broomfield Auditorium. It is a place that attracts many people, both local and those from out of town, that come to see the many different performances. Broomfield is a destination that has 6800 ft.² of space, accommodating almost 300 people. There is the main floor orchestra, one that seats over 200 people, and a balcony area that will seat 50 more. It utilizes a theatrical lighting system and a custom sound system which is why everything is so clear from an audio perspective. Here are some other reasons that you should consider visiting the Broomfield Auditorium just north of Denver in Colorado.

Why Would You Want To Visit This Auditorium?

Some of the reasons have been stated as to why this is an exceptional Auditorium. There are many others as well. It uses a Sauter concert piano which has outstanding range, and they use a live stream video system to broadcast what is happening to people outside of the auditorium itself. It is possible to rent the auditorium if you would like to have a performance. It is in a building that is currently shared by the Broomfield Library. Parking spaces are limited, but it is free, and the rates for attending, and renting this facility, are always very affordable.

Origins Of This Auditorium

This auditorium was born out of the close-knit community of Broomfield, hoping to properly utilize all commercial and residential land. Recreational opportunities were often seen in the countryside, primarily because of the Rocky Mountains, rivers, and the many places that you can hike. The auditorium would provide additional jobs for the community, as well as opportunities for those that wanted to perform to a community that would care. That’s why this auditorium was built and has been maintained for decades, allowing performers to enjoy its state-of-the-art construction and electrical system for enhanced visuals and sound.

The Best Time To See A Performance

Performances at this auditorium happen year-round. The only caveat to attending one has to do with the weather. Due to the high altitude of locations in and around Denver, it is often best to avoid winters if you would like to see a performance. However, if you are coming to go skiing in the Denver area, you may as well book a performance or two while you are there. You will get to see some of the top performances in the nation, if not the world, that all come to this auditorium to perform.

The Broomfield Auditorium is an outstanding feat of engineering. It is one of the best places that you can visit if you want to experience why so many people enjoy classical performances. It is a great place to go whether you are a local, or someone from out of town, perhaps just visiting the Denver area. You can always find information on their main website about performances and choose one that you can attend. It will be a great experience, one that you will always remember, because of the caliber of talent that will be at this auditorium. You and your family can also enjoy a fun day in the sky at Aero Cruise Balloon Adventures.

Broomfield Auditorium in Broomfield, CO

3 Community Park Rd, Broomfield, CO 80020, United States