Addenbrooke Park

If you haven’t already heard about Addenbrooke Park in Lakewood, you should. It’s a fantastic park that everyone should check out. Whether you are solo or with your family, it can be a great place to spend the day. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you should consider checking out Addenbrooke Park.

Reasons To Check Out Addenbrooke

1. It Has Everything

For one, this park is stacked full of things that you can do. Not only does it have soccer fields that you can play on, but it is outfitted with baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, a full playground, and more. One of the most desirable things that you will find in a park is having a variety of things to do. After all, you want to have different things that cater to different types of people and different age groups. This particular park has no shortage of different things that you will be able to fill your time with.

2. Great For Everyone

As mentioned, because it has everything, it is going to have a lot to offer just about everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to go for a run or you are heading there for a family day out, it has you covered. Being able to head to a park that is going to provide such a variety for everyone makes it the ideal place to consider going just about any day of the week. It has picnic tables, basketball courts, and everything in between. Therefore, you can find something for everyone.

3. It’s Well Maintained

Unlike some of the other parks in the area, this is one that is well maintained. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about sitting down at a dirty picnic table full of bird poop. You also don’t have to worry about playing on a soccer field that is full of holes only to twist your ankle. Instead, you will be able to enjoy yourself in one of the most well-maintained parks that you will find in the entire city. This alone should be reason enough to consider heading to the park either alone or with your family.

4. It’s Completely Free

You aren’t going to have to spend a dime if you want to have a great time at the park. The park even features a world-class fitness court that was made possible because of the grant provided by the National Fitness Campaign. Therefore, you will be able to take advantage of some of the best amenities you will find anywhere without having to pay for anything.

Overall, there are plenty of different reasons to consider heading to Addenbrooke. It is one of the best parks that you will find not only in the city but in the state, as well. Therefore, it can make for a great place to schedule picnics or daily activities to keep yourself and your entire family as active as possible. It is simply a great time for everyone. Looking for a wide variety of events and activities for all family members to enjoy? Visit Belmar.

Addenbrooke Park in Lakewood, CO

600 South Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States