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We are professionals that offer assessments and work legitimately with your insurance organization to make the water damage restoration experience as hassle-free as possible.

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Water Damage Cleanup

Any time water damage has occurred, evaluating the amount of loss is typically the first step. Immediately after, you need to contact your insurance company. Water damage restoration typically includes removing the water, drying the area, demolition (if required) of the damaged area, treating for mold and then renovation.

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Storm Damage Cleanup & Repair

If your property has been damaged by a storm (heavy winds, flooding, falling trees) call us right away. Our team helps with debris removal, sanitization, and damage repair. Regardless of what caused the damage; hail, wind, fire, water, etc, our team of experts are ready to help.

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Mold Removal

If there are signs of mold, the first step is to determine the extent of mold damage so that we can provide a clear remediation approach. Once confirmed that mold is present, we will contain the area, install air filters, remove the mold and affected materials, clean the containment, and restore your finishes.

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Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

How do you remediate fire damage? The extent of damage caused by smoke, the fire itself, and any chemicals used to contain the fire, is what will determine the type and the cost of restoration.

Commercial and Residential Water Damage And Mold Restoration

Water can damage home appliances, furniture, upholstery, clothing, and a lot of other items found in a household or business. Nevertheless, immediately when water accidents happen, prompt action is necessary. Our residential and commercial water damage and mold restoration services include emergency response and utilization of advanced techniques and equipment to remove the liquid and control the extent of damage. Additionally, it includes monitoring and documentation of the drying process to ensure the premises are completely and thoroughly dry.

Water damage may come from a variety of accidents and disasters. A few of these include loose/leaking appliance hoses, overflowing sinks, and bathtubs, tropical storms and thunderstorms, sewage backups, and an array of various other sources. Standing water and moisture are a wide-open gateway for a home or business to harbor mold, bacteria, and also other harmful organisms. The direct effect of this is often water-borne diseases, breeding of mosquitoes, allergies, and a lot of other medical conditions.

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The Process for Water Damage Repair

Our team of water restoration removal specialists at We Repair Water Damage are in a position to restore homes and commercial facilities into workable, livable environments, the way they were before the water damage. The process starts with giving us a call right away. After that, the area is inspected and extent of the damage assessed. Following this, the water extraction process begins, followed by drying and dehumidification.

Cleaning and sanitizing then follows, a step that is certainly essential to eliminate unseen microscopic organisms. Last but not at all least, is restoration. With this entire process, a customer can be assured of water removal, decontamination in the environment, and trying to restore pre-existing conditions. Depending on the extent of damage, this process could be as simple as vacuuming up water or be as complex as rebuilding entire parts of the area.

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In the event of water damage, it is always essential to act fast. This may be the difference between huge financial losses and reducing costs. Seek expertise to limit problems for affected materials, restore the affected premises, as well as to lessen the financial loss. Contact our team at We Repair Water Damage for superior services in the Colorado area.

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